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Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in Downtown Ocala features $5 candy buffet

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop offers a wide variety of sugary treats, games, and more at its newest location in Downtown Ocala.

The store, which is located at 20 SE Broadway Street, celebrated its grand opening earlier this year.

Grandpa Joes Candy Shop exterior shot resized
Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop is located at 20 SE Broadway Street in Downtown Ocala

Throughout the store, customers will find an assortment of sweets, with over 250 candy bars and 100-plus bulk candies to choose from.

Grandpa Joes Candy Shop inside store with customers resized
Customers browsing the store will find various candies, games, and more
Grandpa Joes Candy Shop interior shot resized
The shop has a wide variety of bulk candies and candy bars

Home to the “world famous $5 candy buffet,” customers can opt for a box that can be filled with any combination of the bulk candy options. The only rule is that the lid must be able to fully close.

Grandpa Joes Candy Shop 5 candy buffet resized
The popular candy buffet

The shop prides itself on offering many nostalgic and hard-to-find candies. There are also plenty of beverages with over 250 glass-bottled sodas in stock, and six-packs can be mixed and matched.

Grandpa Joes Candy Shop sodas resized
The store has over 250 different glass-bottled sodas

A variety of toys, games, and quirky gifts can also be purchased at the store.

Grandpa Joes Candy Shop shelf with boardgames resized
Not everything inside the shop is edible

In addition to the newest location in Ocala, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop has a dozen stores throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.

For more information, including hours of operation, visit the Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop Ocala Facebook webpage.