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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Ocala resident voices concerns on low wages, rising expenses

To the Editor:

My granddaughter just graduated from high school and found a job that pays $13 an hour, and it’s only part-time because they don’t have full-time jobs. They don’t offer healthcare for part-time workers, and they won’t give you full-time because they would have to pay for your health insurance. There is also no transportation in west Ocala. How is my granddaughter supposed to travel to work?

I feel so bad for all these students that have just graduated. They can’t afford to buy a car with the insurance rates so high. The rent prices in Ocala are also crazy – over $1,000 a month, plus you need electric, a telephone, cable, etc.

I live on social security only, and the cost of everything has doubled this year, including electric bills, cable, and food. I don’t qualify for food stamps or extra help with my co-pays because my social security check is over $1,200 a month, but not by much. I am a widow and barely making ends meet with all my health issues and co-pays. Where is the help for seniors?

Beverly DeMarco
Ocala resident

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