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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Marion County Animal Services waiving adoption, redemption fees through August 31

Due to an influx of animals, Marion County Animal Services is waiving all adoption and redemption fees through Wednesday, August 31.

The county’s animal shelter is nearing capacity, and the facility’s staff members are turning to the community to help find these pets a loving home.

Marion County Animal Services July 2022 Julie Stinson with the Animal Services team plays with an adoptable dog in the play yard
An Animal Services team member plays with an adoptable dog in the play yard (Photo courtesy of Marion County Animal Services)

Jim Sweet, Director of Animal Services, said, “We want to provide the opportunity for Marion County citizens to visit our facility and add a best friend to their family or be reunited with their old friend.”

“Right now, this is an amnesty period for anyone who may be trying to save to pay the fees associated with Animal Services housing their pet. We are waiving those fees because we want to give back to our community that gives so much to us,” added Sweet.

In addition to waiving the adoption fees, all redemption fees are also being waived for lost and found animals that are picked up by Animal Services (a value of up to $150).

Some big improvements are planned for Marion County Animal Services in the near future. Due to current space constraints, Animal Services is depending on local residents to help free up space by finding good homes for abandoned animals and returning lost pets to their rightful owners.

Marion County Animal Services One of Animal Services adoptable cats
This adoptable cat enjoys being scratched behind the ears (Photo courtesy of Marion County Animal Services)

Any residents who pick up their lost and found pets during this amnesty period will receive a voucher for a free spay or neuter ($75 value) upon redemption of their pet. These vouchers will allow owners to schedule their pets’ spay or neuter surgery when it is convenient for them.

In the event that a lost animal is at the shelter and the pet’s owner does not have transportation, delivery services will be offered to ensure that the pet is safely returned to its home.

Animal Services is accepting donations which will help improve the lives of all animals within the facility. Donations can be made in person, online, or mailed to Marion County Animal Services at: 5701 SE 66th Street, Ocala, FL 34480.

For more information, or to view the pets that are available for adoption, please visit the Marion County Animal Services website.