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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Several more residents share their thoughts on Marion County’s grocery shopping options

In response to recent letters in support of bringing a Costco to Ocala/Marion County, more residents wrote in to share their thoughts on the county’s grocery shopping options.

“To the person wanting more shopping options because they can’t find what they want in existing stores: I guess I’ve missed out because I’ve never even been to a Costco and I rarely shop at Publix. Have you tried Winn-Dixie or Dollar Stores? They carry almond milk,” says Reddick resident Jackie White.

“I prefer Costco above the other warehouse stores as they carry a fair amount of organic and wild-caught foods. The others do not. We make the trip to Costco once a month,” says Caroline Hill, Ocala resident.

“I live in Belleview. We don’t have Costco or BJ’s, but we need it, even the people who are complaining about it. We need more stores to get better deals and better prices,” says Belleview resident Laiza Caceres.

“I’m all in for a Costco. Count me in. Frankly, I’m not a Walmart fan and I don’t shop at Sam’s Club. When I lived on the east coast, I did a ton of shopping at Costco in Jacksonville and loved it. I stay away from Walmart as much as possible. Empty shelves is number one, prices there keep going up (do they think they are Publix?), and let me just add that I see things in Walmart that I wouldn’t want my kids to witness,” says Aimee Hausy, Dunnellon resident.

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