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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Resident says Marion County needs better grocery stores, more entertainment options

To the Editor:

I’ve been a longtime resident of Belleview, and that person isn’t speaking for everyone. Belleview is growing and my family of eight could use something closer. We shop a lot during the week and can save on gas. It would also bring the values of our home up.

Publix is ridiculously priced and Winn-Dixie is no better. When they have the ‘buy one get one’ deals, well, they just jack the prices up. We could use a good grocery store.

We could also use some entertainment around this area. Marion County is growing whether we like it or not, so we should join in on the growth. Plenty of homes are being built here, so why not? We have room for it, just no more houses, auto part stores, banks, and car washes – there are plenty of those.

It’s time for a good grocery store and a little bit of entertainment, and not gambling either.

Sherry Burch
Belleview resident

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