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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Resident says Marion County should notify citizens of upcoming loud noises

To the Editor:

I called the Marion County non-emergency phone number (352-732-9111) to inquire about loud explosions that were shaking the windows in our house and causing our dog to shake and pant so bad that we had to put his Thundershirt on him.

The dispatcher was not aware of any explosions, but she said that she would have a deputy call me. A corporal did call my cell from his cell number, and he left a message that he was not aware of any explosions being reported, though a rocket did go up this morning and the explosions were later in the day.

The next day, I read on Ocala-News.com that on Thursday, August 4, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad stopped by MCFR’s Cause and Origin Fire Investigation class to demonstrate different types of explosives.

My point is that the Marion County Fire Rescue and/or Marion County Sheriff’s Office should make the public aware because loud explosions cause trauma to the following:

1. Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) – some animals can even have a heart attack, they are that dangerous. Not because your dog is likely to die from fright (although they can if they have certain health conditions), but because so many dogs suffer terribly from severe psychological distress as a result of the stress that they suffer when fireworks or other explosions are being let off in the vicinity.

Several dogs barked and barked, and they had to be taken inside of their owners’ homes. My 7-year-old dog hates fireworks, thunder, and loud noises. He started shaking badly and panting. Fortunately, we are retired, so we were home to put on his Thundershirt and Lavender patch, and he calmed down.

2. Livestock (horses, cows, sheep, etc.) – there are several of these near our neighborhood.

3. Also people with PTSD – one military veteran who has extremely bad PTSD from his service to our country in Afghanistan will be okay if people let him know of upcoming loud noises and explosions (i.e. fireworks). Or, in this case, the Marion County Bomb Squad’s demonstration to Marion County Fire Rescue. But, if not alerted, he will get severe PTSD, or he will drop, start shaking, and head for cover.

Please come up with a way to alert Marion County citizens of explosions that are scheduled.

Marilyn Bradley
Ocala resident

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