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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Marion County residents share thoughts on seniors, property taxes

Several more residents across Marion County recently submitted letters to voice their thoughts on the impact of property taxes on the county’s senior citizens.

“Myself, and a whole lot of property owners in and around the Marion County area, are struggling to pay property taxes on a low income such as social security. The cost of living has gone up at least 30%, and the property taxes are forcing the elderly out of their homes. This is called taking advantage of the elderly citizens of this county. The fact is that those who are raising the cost of taxes will be elderly in the near future and the tables can turn on them. I pray that the people who are making these decisions will consider themselves and their forefathers of this county,” says Ocala resident Geraldine Baxter.

Thank you, Iris, I agree with you completely. Hit the nail on the head. We struggle after years of giving,” says Linda Lee, Ocala resident.

“It is time that people realize senior citizens should be taken care of. They have given their lives to their children and the community around them for many, many decades. Now it’s time for them to take a break and get back from their children and the community around them. Let’s reward them and give them thanks for all they have done by making life easier for them. Remove property tax and allow every senior citizen to worry less about every dollar they spend,” says Ocala resident Theresa Pfuntner.

“It’s more of who you know, I guess. The City of Belleview gives seniors a break. Marion County, in general, not so much. There should be an automatic reduction in property taxes for seniors, period. I guess the highest tax income in history just isn’t good enough for the Marion County Tax Collector,” says Cynthia Griffis, Reddick resident.

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