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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ocala Cinemas to host Open Caption Movie Nights for Deaf community

The Deaf community will soon be able to enjoy open captioned movies at a theater in east Ocala.

On Monday evenings, beginning on August 22, Ocala Cinemas located at 2021 E Silver Springs Boulevard will host Open Caption Movie Nights.

During the movie nights, open captioning will be provided for every film so that Deaf individuals can watch the movie without needing any cumbersome devices. Open captioned movies have the text directly on the screen, usually at the bottom, so that the viewer can read and watch the movie simultaneously.

In addition to benefiting individuals who are Deaf, open captioning can also help those who speak different languages and are learning English, elderly residents with hearing loss, and children who are learning to read.

Hands Up Communications Florida, a local all-access language company, has partnered with Ocala Cinemas to bring open captioned movies to the community.

On its Facebook webpage, Hands Up Communications Florida stated, “Any person with any type and degree of hearing loss can attend Ocala Cinemas and enjoy a movie. Their willingness to open caption all movies in one evening is unprecedented – they are breaking new ground.”

For more information on open captioning, contact Hands Up Communications Florida via email ([email protected]) or video phone (352-509-5412).

For more information on the theater, or to view showtimes, visit the Ocala Cinemas Facebook webpage.