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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Resident voices concerns on development of Ocala/Marion County

To the Editor:

I have lived in Ocala for two years and I have never seen any place so poorly developed. I see gas stations and car washes being built, and another Publix going up in the same region that two other Publix’s are.

Restaurants, a hotel, homes, and more homes are being built. Yet, I see miles of Ocala where people live, but there are no stores or much of anything for these residents. Instead, it’s ‘drive to this distant area for everything.’

When you develop a region, you need amenities for the people that live in the region. You need adequate medical care, and that is definitely neglected in this area. In fact, this is one of the worst areas I have ever lived for medical care, especially specialists.

Why in the world this region was developed for retirees without proper medical care is beyond me. In fact, what is here has a rating of C- and D, according to the Health Grades ratings.

There needs to be some type of road system besides SR 200 as the only means of getting across town. What about extending the limited bus system that’s here into SW Ocala, and give some of the retirees another option besides a car.

In other words, what exactly are the people in charge thinking when they hand out building permits in Ocala? What are we developing here – a place to actually live or just a place to make money off new residents and businesses through taxes?

Overall, Ocala/Marion County is a poorly developed region already. If something isn’t done to properly develop the region, then what is the point of living here?

Jim Hayes
Ocala resident

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