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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Ocala resident says dog owners should respect other people’s property

To the Editor:

Currently, I live in On Top of the World in a single-family, free-standing residence. I pay to have my lawn mowed and edged, fertilized, weeded, and maintained the best that it can be considering the grass is trying to grow in sand.

There are dog owners who walk their dogs and think that every green space, including a person’s lawn, is fair for them to have their dogs use the lawn as it pleases. The dog is a dog – it’s the owner of the dog who is the problem.

There is more than ample open green space, as well as two large dog parks, where these inconsiderate people can take their dogs to do what they wish with them. Why can’t people respect a person’s property and not allow their dogs on another person’s property? It infuriates me to see yellow stains on my expensively maintained lawn.

In addition, a segment of my HOA fee goes to maintain the dog parks. I don’t have a dog, yet I have to pay for their amenity. I think that dog owners should be charged a monthly fee by the HOA for each dog that they have for the use of these dog parks.

Talk about livestock polluting the environment, how about dogs? Dog feces put in a bag and into landfills is equally as bad. The difference is that the livestock becomes hamburger, which is food.

I would like people who have the same problem with dog walkers to let everyone know about this issue so it can be corrected. Dog walkers, be considerate of other people’s property.

William Silinski
Ocala resident

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