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Thursday, September 22, 2022

More residents share thoughts on living in Ocala/Marion County

In response to multiple letters from residents that discussed the pros and cons of living in Ocala/Marion County, several more residents wrote in to voice their thoughts on the topic.

“I’ve been reading various complaints from readers about the development of Ocala and lack of certain types of businesses. Perhaps rather then complaining to a news publication, they should take actions of their own instead. Have the readers complaining ever attended a Planning & Zoning Commission hearing? If you are concerned about lack of business-type diversity, perhaps you should start your own business of the type you think we need. If you are concerned about county land being developed, perhaps you should put your money where your mouth is and buy the land yourself instead of a developer. Another option you have is moving to another city that has what you are looking for. We all have the power to create change – go do something about it instead of complaining about what’s happening around you,” says Ocala resident Brenden McNeil.

“I’m responding to a previous letter that stated: “At the risk of sounding rude (and I don’t want to), why are you here? I would never move to a place and proceed to bash the city with complaints.” Just because I chose to live in Ocala or its general area, as marketing and the ‘hype’ made it sound like paradise, it doesn’t give you the right to tell me to move. I remain here for personal and family reasons, and yet I have the right to bash the area, bash its so-called leaders and policymakers, and urge people to vote out the idiots who constantly make the rules that are continuously eating up green space, making traffic worse, and increasing taxes. They also fail to give seniors the additional homestead property tax break that other counties have given seniors. The 25-year requirement to live in one’s place is stupid. Most seniors move here from elsewhere and cannot meet the 25-year rule as boasted by the Marion County Commission,” says Ronald Dierdorf, Ocala resident.

“I moved here 26 years ago from a small town in Georgia. I have watched this city decline drastically. Ocala is overrun with drugs, thugs, and homeless people, and the cost of living is at an all-time high. There is also nothing to do here. Ocala is nothing special. This town needs more activities and needs a major makeover. This community is struggling and it is sad,” says Ocala resident, Tina Wilson.

“I have been a resident here in Ocala for 25 years. My husband and I originally wanted to buy property for retirement, but when we looked further, we decided to make Ocala our permanent home. Ocala was laid back then – two roads on State Road 200 and beautiful horse farms. I do believe in progression. I would love to see an international airport to alleviate the 90-minute ride to Orlando and Tampa, more schools for the children, more hospitals in the area, and I would love to see a BJ’s or Costco Wholesale store in the southwest area off 200 as well. Six lanes east and west on 200 aren’t enough. Either the traffic is too slow for the abundant amount of people moving to this area or speeding at 75 mph isn’t fast enough. Yes, people, 75 mph. The citizens in Ocala should come up with ideas as to what the needs are to make Ocala #1,” says Susan Gutterman, Ocala resident.

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