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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Residents voice thoughts on responsibility of dog owners

In response to a recent letter from an Ocala resident stating that dog owners should respect other people’s property, two residents wrote in to share their thoughts on the topic.

“I completely agree with a recent letter about people letting their dogs defecate on homeowners’ lawns. I live in Indigo East, a section of On Top of the World, on the opposite side of SW 80th Avenue. I have to walk my dog because we don’t have a fenced-in yard (she only weighs 6 pounds). I do not let her go on anyone’s lawns and she knows her designated area to do her thing. I pick it up with a paper towel every time and, of course, there are many areas where you can get disposal bags. I am appalled to see huge poop piles that no one will pick up. It astonishes me that the owners are so lazy when it comes to picking up what the dogs are leaving on their neighbors’ lawns. Come on people – respect the areas of your neighbors and other areas where you let your dog potty,” says Susan Gutterman, Ocala resident.

“I read a letter recently from an owner at the On Top of the World (OTOW) community. In the letter, the resident stated that people who use the dog parks should have to pay additional fees to maintain them. This is a community with many amenities, most of which are not used by everyone. When you buy at OTOW, you are made aware of those amenities, and that your HOA fee pays for all of them, whether you use them or not. It would be horrendous to collect fees for the use of each amenity, and staffing that collection process would probably cost as much as the amenity,” says Ocala resident Narb Cobb.

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