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Thursday, September 22, 2022

More residents share thoughts on growth, needs of Ocala/Marion County

Residents across Marion County recently submitted letters to voice their thoughts on the needs of Ocala/Marion County as the area continues to grow.

“As an Ocala native, I get so tired of these people that have moved here and destroyed the land only to complain about how there’s nothing to do. With all these community centers in these developments, they have no reason to complain. They have activities in the community centers just for the residents. If they don’t like it here, they shouldn’t have moved here. Ocala has always been a sleepy, boring town. I remember when the teens all gathered on the boulevard at night. They can move if they don’t like it here,” says Ocala resident Carey Croy.

“Ocala must have the cleanest cars in the world since there are car washes at every corner. Why? We need more decent restaurants and clothing stores west of 75. Don’t you think people would like to eat out and shop more if these places were more local to all the developments on this end of route 200? Enough with building gas stations and car washes,” says Dora Gelibter, Ocala resident.

“Where are all the doctors? I recently moved to Ocala from northern Virginia. I can’t find any doctors. The ones I have identified aren’t accepting new patients. I’m in relatively good health, but have health issues that need to be addressed with specialists on a regular basis. I also need a primary care physician. Like millions of others, I moved to Florida to grow old more comfortably. This should be a Mecca for doctors, as all of us baby boomers are aging and need more medical attention. Where have all the doctors gone?” says Ocala resident Pam Bramell.

“My friends and I would like to have a Costco in Ocala. There are a lot of people that live in and near Ocala, and we would love to have a Costco near us,” says Bonita Dunn, Dunnellon resident.

“I’ve lived in five states and have never encountered the problems I have in Ocala. First of all, why do specialists have more than one office? The offices of specialists that I go to are there one day, or only half a day, per week. I have never encountered that. Near On Top of the World, there are mostly chain restaurants. We need moderately priced restaurants with tablecloths. All the other states I’ve lived in have them. I don’t want to drive downtown for a $100-per-person meal. Why is there a service charge to buy stamps at Publix and a Post Office/gift shop? Any state I’ve lived in, I’ve never had to buy checks and registers. Etc., etc. Living here is not what it should be. I’m frustrated,” says Ocala resident Eleanor Brown.

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