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Monday, September 26, 2022

Resident says Ocala/Marion County’s population growth threatening local wildlife

To the Editor:

The current population boom is alarming to me as a conservationist. I see vacant lots, fields, and forests being knocked down to accommodate construction. Does anyone care about what happens to the local wildlife?

I’ve seen endangered gopher turtles fleeing into the streets, endangered pileated woodpeckers leaving their nests, etc. What will happen when we run out of wild lands in northern central Florida? The answer is extinction.

I have talked to residents in Marion County who complained about increased trash on the roadsides, increased traffic, road rage, and a subsequent decrease in the quality of life.

Marion County is full of seniors who moved here for peace and quiet, and to enjoy the diversity of wildlife and see peaceful rural scenes.

Janis Keller
Ocala resident

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