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Monday, September 26, 2022

Several residents share their thoughts on living in Ocala/Marion County

Several more residents across Ocala recently wrote in to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the city that they call home.

“I have lived here all but 9 years of my life. Ocala has always been a very calm and relaxing community. I live just outside the city limits on the northeast side, with no shopping except in the Silver Springs area and very few restaurants. Needless to say, I have to go to the southwest side of town to shop or eat. I’m not complaining. My only complaint is the city’s lack of taking care of our roads on the northeast side. In my neighborhood, there are still lime and dirt roads with mud holes. The communities on this side of town are treated like red-headed stepchildren – they are forgotten about. Everyone should stop all their whining and complaining. You have a roof over your head and food in your bellies. Be grateful with what you have. You could still be up north with all the rules and regulations that the governor and mayors implement on you. Just be at peace with your neighbors and yourselves,” says Ocala resident Patricia Herrmann.

“I feel the same way as many. There’s just nothing to do here but eat or wash your car. Go to a doctor. Shopping. They are everywhere. No zoos or attractions. And I’m sorry, but there are gators in the springs, so no –  I’m not riding down one on a tube for fun,” says Angela Cates, Ocala resident.

“Our city lacks the cleanliness and charm that our downtown has. It seems all funds are being invested in a small area that has a limited amount of places to visit. The first impression on Exit 350 Ocala-Silver Springs is dirty and full of garbage that is never cleaned up. The I-75 / SR 200 bridge was remolded only to let it deteriorate and accumulate garbage. What is happening with our county commissioners? Maybe it’s time to change the city’s management. First impressions are valuable and our Exit 350 is embarrassing on both the north and south exits. Please take action and clean our exits,” says Ocala resident Sylvia Aponte.

“I was born in Ocala and have watched it get worse each year. The people are right – we have enough gas stations and car washes. All the restaurants are on 200, it’s just fast food in the northeast side, and the cafes close by 3 p.m. Nothing to do but go shopping, and one can only do that for so long. We need a place other than Walmart to shop – that place is getting worse all the time. The roads have more potholes in the city and county each day. It seems one can’t keep a car aligned in this Ocala. The traffic lights are not set up to let traffic get through a street before the next light is red. I know there are enough people employed to get these issues accomplish. I do like my hometown, but I don’t like the mess it has become,” says Sylvia Kleber, Ocala resident.

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