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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Residents share their thoughts on quality of life in Ocala/Marion County

In response to multiple letters discussing the quality of life in Ocala/Marion County, several more residents wrote in to share their thoughts and concerns on this topic.

“I have to say I’m so disappointed in my little town called Ocala. I’m 50 now, and I remember how polite and sweet people were when I was growing up. Now people are rude, and they don’t know how to say a simple ‘thank you’ for holding the door for someone. They act like they are entitled and need to sit on a throne. It disgusts me and I’m ashamed to say where I’m from. This generation isn’t being raised by parents – they are being raised by electronics. It’s sad, and we absolutely need to know that it’s okay to spank your child. I was spanked and it didn’t hurt my ego one bit. I just wanted to say that people need to wake up and smell the coffee. And get out of the fast lane if you’re a slow driver. Thank you for hearing me out,” says Victoria Pate, Ocala resident.

“Wow. People have nothing better to do than to move to Ocala/Marion County and complain about the lack of stores, restaurants, doctors, etc. Perhaps they should have looked into those things before moving here. Orlando is just down the road, or even closer, The Villages. Maybe those would be a better choice. I can remember when Highway 200, west of I-75, was two lanes and nothing much but horse farms and country. I personally prefer that to six lanes of traffic and warehouses,” says Ocala resident Carol Demme.

“Many have written concerning the diminishing quality of life in Marion County. I wholeheartedly agree. We have seen the change vividly here in Silver Springs Shores. We have only one main road – only one – from here to Ocala, and Maricamp Road has not been repaved for many years. From 7 a.m. to about 9 a.m., it is a four-lane parking lot. Then again, from 2:30 p.m. to about 5 p.m., traffic to and from Ocala is bumper-to-bumper. We are ‘blessed’ with five gas stations, two car washes, five dollar stores, and two auto parts stores. Yet, the county commission has approved just about every application for subdivisions, like the one at Lake Diamond and another next to Silver Springs Shores Country Club. Each new house in these subdivisions adds at least two more cars to the traffic on Maricamp Road. It will only get worse. We are now considering selling our home and moving to Chiefland, or perhaps back to Tennessee. Not something we had planned on doing before now. Is the quality of life in Marion County diminishing? It most certainly is. Has Ocala lost its “southern” identity? It most certainly has,” says Don Goodman, Ocala resident.

“Ocala is a great city, it’s just growing so fast that roadway upgrades aren’t keeping up. Yes, traffic lights certainly need to be re-timed. I won’t travel 200 unless I absolutely have to. There is no flow of traffic on 200 or 40 for that matter. With so many people moving here, the roadways are just awful. Out-of-towners, sorry to say, are the worst at maneuvering the streets, but I surely can’t understand why they visit our great state and cuss you out because they can’t drive our streets correctly. Heck, locals can’t maneuver the streets anymore with all the crazy driving and traffic. Driving lessons 101: slow traffic keep right, but people are just intent on driving under the speed limit in the left lane. Then you get those kind souls that do drive slow in the right lane and no one can pass – it’s a nightmare. No one uses their turn signals either, not even county vehicles or law enforcement. What is that? You would surely think county vehicles would follow the law. I suppose to sum it up: re-time the traffic lights for better flow of traffic, use your turn signals, move to the right if you’re driving slower than traffic, but most of all be kind to each other when driving. It surely makes for a better day for all,” says Silver Springs resident Anne Broman.

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