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Thursday, September 22, 2022

More residents weigh in on Ocala/Marion County’s growth, quality of life

More letters were received from Ocala residents who voiced their thoughts on the topic of Ocala/Marion County’s growth and quality of life.

“First, let me say that I love this town. I moved here because it had the best of both worlds. A small town but with modern amenities such as theaters, dining, etc. Is it perfect? No. But now I see the City of Ocala starting to move in the wrong direction. By this, I mean more apartment complexes. I used to live in Jacksonville in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and what went from a large city with a small town feel has turned into a mega mess with huge apartment complexes at every turn, resulting in massive traffic issues and an enormous array of strip malls. The city should be focusing on actual neighborhoods with real houses – not apartment complexes that will be bought and sold five times over with each new owner doing less to maintain them until they are just an eyesore. Build houses, build neighborhoods, build the community,” says Ocala resident Dave Flynn.

“I would like to see a city zoo and planetarium in Ocala,” says Brenda Sykes, Ocala resident.

“I have been a resident of Ocala for 21 years now. We moved down from Merrimack, New Hampshire. We picked Ocala because of the beautiful horse ranches. I have watched it grow into a beautiful suburban city. Spurts of development make it hard sometimes to keep everyone happy. I find plenty to do here and keep me occupied. I love the weather, the social life, and the people,” says Ocala resident Linda DeBoe.

“I’ve lived here 15 years. Yes, everything people say in these letters may be true – it’s a crap hole and there are thugs, crime, homeless people, traffic, and a high cost of living vs. what it used to be. No place is perfect. I love this crap hole and it could be way worse. South Florida traffic is a standstill most hours of the day, crime is sky high, and you’re paying $2,800 per month, on average, for a studio in the ghetto. If you think rent is high here, you have no clue. It seems that the best option for all the complainers is to move. If where you came from is so much better, why don’t you still live there? If you don’t like it here, nobody is forcing you to stay. If you want peace and a farm area, move to Levy County. I’m proud to have watched Slocala grow into what it has become and the continuance it will become,” says Mike Jarmo, Ocala resident.

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