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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Crystal River resident drives 90 miles to shop at nearest Costco

To the Editor:

I saw the suggestion that the Crystal River Mall site would be a good place to have a Costco. That sounds like a great idea. But, the word on the street is that the building at the mall site will be torn down soon, perhaps waiting for a city permit, and an apartment building is planned at that site.

When we moved to Crystal River in 1988, the mall was not there. It opened in 1990. We hope whatever is built there lasts longer than the mall.

My family has been Costco members for several years, and I bought a hearing aid from them at a reasonable price three years ago. If I need the hearing aid worked on, or if we need to buy a lot of groceries, we drive 90 miles (one-way) to the nearest Costco in Tampa.

We hope Costco builds a closer store.

Dave Kaiser
Crystal River resident

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