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Eggs Over Farmhouse Kitchen temporarily closed after health inspector finds roaches, excrement

Eggs Over Farmhouse Kitchen in Ocala was forced to close its doors this past week after a health inspector found roaches inside the eatery.

The inspector visited the restaurant, which is located at 5855 SE 5th Street #5, on Wednesday, September 14, and found 10 health code violations. Five of those violations were considered high priority.

Eggs Over Farmhouse Kitchen in Ocala was temporarily closed last week after roaches and excrement were found inside the eatery

According to a health inspection report filed by a health inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the presence of roach activity was observed inside the restaurant on September 14.

The report states that over 40 live roaches were spotted in the oven and four live roaches were seen on a shelf containing spices. In addition, more than 20 dead roaches were found behind posters in the wash area, one dead roach was on the wheel of cooking equipment, another dead roach was on the floor underneath the reach-in cooler, and a dead roach was located on top of the dish machine.

The health inspector also noted in the report that roach excrement was found around the spice rack, on the wood behind the prep sink, and on an electrical outlet near the server station.

During a follow-up health inspection on Thursday, September 15, the inspector found over 30 live roaches inside the restaurant. The inspector also observed roach excrement around electrical outlets, on the wall near the dish machine, around the hand wash sink in the kitchen, and around the paper towel dispenser near the hot water heater.

The restaurant remained closed, and another follow-up inspection was conducted on Friday, September 16. Additional live roaches and excrement were found inside the restaurant. The report stated that a pest control company was onsite during this inspection, and a manager “began killing live roaches.”

The inspector returned to the restaurant later that same day and found no violations, which allowed the restaurant to reopen.