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Monday, January 9, 2023

Sprinkler inside Ocala nail salon prevents spread of fire

A sprinkler inside an Ocala nail salon helped prevent the spread of a small fire on Monday evening.

Shortly before 10:45 p.m., Ocala Fire Rescue responded to the 2700 block of SW College Road due to reports of an active fire alarm, according to a press release.

OFR’s units, consisting of Engines 1 and 4, Rescue 4, Tower 1, and Battalion Chief 11, arrived at the Gaitway Plaza and were unable to find smoke or a fire in the unit that had triggered the alarm system.

Rescue 4’s crew members cleared the unit and proceeded to check nearby storefronts on the plaza’s north side. They searched for signs of fire, smoke, or the activation of a sprinkler, but they were unable to find any signs of a working fire.

Engine 4’s crew members headed to the plaza’s east building and located an active water alarm at the unit belonging to All Nail & Spa.

According to OFR, Engine 4’s crews breached the nail salon’s front door and encountered light smoke. As they made their way through the building, crews found an activated sprinkler that had extinguished a small fire on a workstation.

The sprinkler system was shut off by Engine 1 and Tower 1, and then crews with Engine 4 and Tower 1 proceeded to ventilate the building.

Additional OFR units (Engine 3 and Battalion Chief 22), the Ocala Police Department, and Ocala Electric Utility also responded.

There were no injuries reported.