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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Ocala Electric Utility provides power outage tips for residents

In preparation for Hurricane Ian, Ocala Electric Utility is providing several tips for residents who may experience a power outage during the storm.

To report a power outage, residents should call 352-351-6666, or they can download the free MyUsage App from the App Store or Google Play. OEU advises those without power to only report the outage once.

If a resident’s power is restored while crews are still working in the area, then the resident is encouraged to leave a porch light or externally visible light on so that crews can see that they have power.

Residents using a generator should not run it inside the home or the garage. This could lead to possible suffocation or death.

OEU also advises that generators should not be plugged directly into a home’s main electrical system. Doing so could potentially send an electrical charge back to the power grid, which could create an electrocution hazard for utility workers.

Generators should be set up outside the home in a well-ventilated area, and individual appliances can be plugged directly into the generator.

To view current power outages, or to download a severe weather guide and preparedness checklist, visit the Ocala Electric Utility webpage.