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Friday, December 2, 2022

Ocala residents share thoughts on infrastructure, police presence on roads

In response to multiple letters discussing the traffic on State Road 200, two more Ocala residents wrote in to voice their thoughts on the topic.

“I lived in Atlanta a while back, and they have service roads alongside their busy roads. If the road designers had put in service roads along State Road 200, people could get off the main road to get to the business that they want without having to drive on 200. The only ones on 200 would then be going through the area. The town of Ocala has always been behind the times when it comes to infrastructure. You know, 200 is not the only road in town to put businesses on. If businesses would build on the north and east side of town, the people that live in those areas wouldn’t have to drive to those areas to do business, increasing the traffic. Wake up Ocala,” says Patricia Herrmann, Ocala resident.

“We moved here from the St. Petersburg area in January, and traffic here is not that bad. The drivers are what is bad. In the 10 months we have lived here, we have seen very few sheriff’s deputies patrolling the roads. I’ve seen Ocala police officers patrolling within the city limits, but nothing out here. Maybe if there was more of a police presence, they would catch the reckless drivers and the roads would be safer,” says Ocala resident Roberta Williams.

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