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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Residents voice concerns regarding internet quality in Ocala/Marion County

Several residents submitted letters to voice their concerns regarding the quality of internet service in Ocala/Marion County.

“It seems that this is a monopoly. Our bills are higher and service is terrible. I actually live in the woodlands of Rainbow Springs, and we have a large neighborhood and very few options. It seems that the internet is out constantly, and we get charged for those days that it is out of service,” says Dunnellon resident Robert Lowrance.

“We have been here 15 years and there is still no reliable internet available. HughesNet is so excruciatingly slow. We can’t even make a call with AT&T. Our only option is Verizon hotspot and an expensive cell booster, which is nonexistent at times. New homes are going up everywhere and I’m sure the buyers are not aware of this problem. Kids had to go elsewhere for virtual school. Health monitoring is impossible. We need serious help in this area and many of our surrounding areas as well,” says Linda Reitz, Ocala resident.

“I agree with everyone who lives in the Hills of Ocala/Rolling Hills area. I can only get Viasat internet service and it’s awful. It’s practically nonexistent. It is like dial-up. We had some issues with losing connection a while back, and the young lady who came out to try and fix it was wonderful. She took her time and did everything she could. She figured out we needed a new router and modem. I called Viasat and requested a new one. They refused because they were getting a signal from them to us, so they won’t send us one. We pay a ridiculous amount for service and we also have satellite. There are numerous homes built, and being built, and we still get told that no one will serve us because not enough people live out here and it’s too rural. I think all of the internet providers should check their census because there is more than enough people to provide service to,” says Dunnellon resident DiAnna Bennis.

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