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Monday, November 28, 2022

Residents discuss traffic concerns on Ocala/Marion County roads

Several residents wrote in to voice their thoughts and concerns regarding the traffic on Ocala/Marion County’s roadways.

“I live behind the Wells Fargo bank, across from the Paddock Mall. The traffic light at the bank, on SW 32nd Avenue, is a nightmare. That light is at the crest of a hill, enough to impair vision and judgement. Running red lights is rampant at this light. That same intersection also has major gridlock problems. It took me four traffic lights to cross over 200. Speeding, the volume of cars, and the stress in our society is all a recipe for disaster. Use caution when driving on 200, and please be considerate of our seniors,” says Ocala resident Pat Webb.

Bob, you are 100% correct in your letter, but you must be new to Ocala. They have been driving like this for years. I’ve lived here for 15 years and said it myself: keep right, pass left. I also love it when drivers use the right turn signal to make a left turn or cut over from the far left lane to make a right turn. Welcome to Ocala – embrace it,” says Michael Jarmoluk, Ocala resident.

“In recent months, I have had three close calls with semi-trucks with horse trailers and other large trucks going through the traffic light at the Ocala gate at 60th Avenue and 21st Street. Let me make this very clear: I will not go immediately when the light turns green,” says Ocala resident Richard Gillen.

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