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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Two Ocala residents weigh in on school tax referendum

In response to a recent letter from an Ocala resident who voiced “major concerns” regarding the school tax referendum, two more residents submitted letters to share their thoughts on the topic.

“The one-mill referendum is dedicated to the arts programs in the Marion County schools. It supports the bands, choirs, and any other arts programs in the county’s schools. It cannot be used to support any other public school programs. If this one-mill tax is voted down, our students who are members of the various arts programs would no longer be subsidized. My wife and I have voted for it twice because it goes to a specific purpose, and that is the arts programs in our schools,” says Thomas Whitler, Ocala resident.

“When it comes to the issue involving additional taxes for the school board, I agree completely that we haven’t realized the potential from the last two increases, and that’s just poor management by the board. To be at the bottom of our state’s educational standards speaks for itself. We’ve done what was asked and increased the tax, but haven’t received any benefit from the increased revenue, and now they want more. Not one cent until they prove they can effectively manage the current budget,” says Ocala resident David Arnold.