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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Several residents discuss issues with internet service in Marion County

More residents submitted letters to voice their concerns regarding the quality of internet service in Marion County.

“I noticed that someone recently complained about AT&T internet services in the Rolling Hills area in Dunnellon. I am constantly having issues with my internet connection. Every time I call, I hear that the lines are overloaded. When I ask about fiber optic, they state that they don’t have enough customers. Which is it? We only have AT&T available for landline phones and internet. Something has to be done – we are living in the 21st century, not the B.C. era,” says Atys Vega, Dunnellon resident.

“I am glad you are giving us a platform to voice our frustration about the poor internet and cell service in Dunnellon. My home was broken into, and I had no internet to my cameras to alert me. Instead, I had to come home to broken glass and a ‘day late, dollar short’ phone call to the police department. If you live near the precious Rainbow River, you can can have all sorts of internet options as well as 5G. Meanwhile, us Walmart grocery shoppers are left with a swirling icon. I’ve considered selling my home to find property that has reasonable phone and internet options. There is Comcast across the street. Do you think they will service my address 20 feet away? Nope. All they want to talk about are nodes and jargon I’m not familiar with. What gives? Do they not want more accounts? I’m surprised I was able to send this letter. I was thinking I may have to resort to persuading a raven or pigeon to deliver this message,” says Dunnellon resident Mr. Anon.

“We also live in Marion County, and we have the same issue with slow internet service that runs through the phone lines. There is an abandoned CATV system running throughout Reddick. I was led to believe that there is a federal mandate requiring that the cable companies provide cable and internet services to all residential areas, profitable or not,” says John Vetter, Reddick resident.

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