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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Jerk Bowl in Ocala temporarily closed after several failed health inspections

The Jerk Bowl in Ocala was forced to close its doors after a health inspector found over a dozen health code violations, including the presence of roach activity.

The health inspector visited the restaurant, which is located at 15 NW 40th Avenue, on Tuesday, September 27. There were 13 health code violations discovered by the inspector, six of which were considered high priority.

According to a health inspection report filed by a health inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, several of those high-priority violations were due to the presence of multiple live and dead roaches on the premises.

The report states that one live roach was found underneath a register, four live roaches were on the prep table next to a cabinet, six live roaches were between the prep table and freezer, nine live roaches were under the prep sink’s cabinet and around the cabinet doors, three live roaches were underneath the compartment sink’s cabinet, 14 live roaches were in the crevice around a door frame, and two live roaches were near a side door.

The inspector found 10 dead roaches in the restaurant, and roach excrement and/or droppings were observed inside and around three compartments and the prep sink’s cabinet doors.

In addition, the report states that no hot water was provided at the handwashing sink, three-compartment sink, or mop sink. The restaurant also did not have a certified food manager.

The restaurant remained closed, and the health inspector stopped by for a follow-up inspection on Monday, October 10. During this visit, the inspector found five violations, which included the presence of nearly a dozen live roaches and dead roaches. The inspector also noted in the report that two roach egg sacks were observed on the floor and another egg sack was on top of the water tank.

According to the October 10 report, the restaurant still did not have a certified food manager, and the establishment’s doors remained closed.

On Friday, October 14, the health inspector visited the restaurant for another follow-up inspection. While no roach activity was noted in the report, the inspector indicated that the restaurant still did not have a certified food manager.

In order for the restaurant to reopen, it will be required to pass a follow-up health inspection. The report does not specify when that inspection will take place.