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Monday, November 28, 2022

Resident says internet service in Marion County must be improved

To the Editor:

I’ve seen yet another letter from a concerned citizen regarding internet options in Marion County. Florida received federal infrastructure funding for this very thing. With more people working from home and children being required to do more learning studies via the internet, this is an issue.

DSL is a thing of the past – it’s slow, and the best speeds are up to 10 Mbps if you’re lucky. Most who have DSL are at 3 Mbps, which is far below what is feasible for today’s uses.

Marion County remains one of the fastest growing counties in Florida. We have more and more businesses calling Marion County home, which means more people live here and work here. Residential internet in the outlying suburbs and rural areas must be improved.

It is unacceptable for us to remain in the dark ages of internet service. Providers need to step up by putting fiber optic cables down that can handle the bandwidth required. Even having the ability to install more cell towers that can bring 4G/5G to these outlying areas would be well worth the investment.

Annette Lennox
Anthony resident