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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Residents share their thoughts on internet, cellphone service in Ocala/Marion County

Several residents from across Ocala wrote in to voice their thoughts and concerns regarding the topic of internet and cellphone service in Ocala/Marion County.

“In a recent letter, there was a citizen complaining about a lack of adequate cellphone coverage in Marion County. There have been several new towers erected around the area that are capable of 5G service. I have a 5G iPhone that should have improved service but doesn’t, not even when I’m fairly close to these new towers. When I asked my service provider why I wasn’t getting better 5G coverage, even with these new towers, it was explained to me that the towers are only operating at the 3G level because most residents of Ocala can’t afford, or won’t purchase, the 5G-capable phones due to being on on low or fixed incomes. Added to that, the high transient snowbird population doesn’t make 5G service cost-effective for Central Florida,” says Ocala resident Charles McGill.

“There is fiber optic internet in Ocala, but it seems to go more towards businesses than the public. Everyone needs to pay attention to what 5G/6G can do to your body. Look it up for yourself,” says Patricia Herrmann, Ocala resident.

“I’d like to register a complaint regarding the internet as well. We moved here three years ago from Cleveland, Georgia. We lived in a very rural area, yet we still had better internet than what we have here in Ocala. They really must do something about this. We pay for fast internet speed, yet we only get slow speeds,” says Ocala resident Tammy Mazak.

“I have lived off of Highway 40 for six years. We have only two choices for internet: HughesNet and Viasat. We pay $168 each month. With HughesNet, we had a very bad signal that was always buffering, and it kept wanting me to buy tokens for use during 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. We had the opportunity to switch to a new company, Viasat, and it was awesome for the first month. We kept upping our gigs. Yes, gigs – this is ancient. I live on 161st Court Road, and I go into town to use free Wi-Fi,” says Kim Conklin, Ocala resident.