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Monday, November 28, 2022

Two Ocala residents voice concerns on utility costs

Two residents recently wrote in to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the cost of utilities in Ocala.

“Everyone’s power bill went up a few months ago. My power bill now exceeds my mortgage payment. It’s ridiculous. Many years ago, Ocala Electric Utility offered budget billing, but not anymore. It would surely be helpful for a great many customers if OEU would reinstate budget billing,” says Ocala resident Elizabeth Bailey.

“I moved to Ocala four years ago, and I’ve become surprised with the charges for utilities by the city of Ocala. If anybody checks the bill, they will find the following descriptions for the charges: Minimum Charge, Consumption, Tax, and Other Charges. Water, electricity, and garbage pickup have the same way to charge. Is it legal?” says Gonzalo Proano, Ocala resident.