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Friday, October 28, 2022

More residents discuss rising electric bills in Ocala/Marion County

In response to recent letters that voiced concerns on rising utility costs in Ocala/Marion County, two more residents wrote in to share their thoughts on this topic.

“I’m so tired of seeing high electric bills. I’ve been with Duke Energy for five years now, and for the last 3 months, my bill went from under $300 to over $500. It’s insane to me. I don’t know how we’re supposed to eat with our bills being so extremely over budget. I hope that something will happen that will change this,” says Ocala resident Victoria Pate.

“Every word that everyone is saying is true. The electric bills are outrageous. There are so many people on a fixed income, including myself and my father. Why do we have to struggle to survive? It’s to the point where the electric company is just being greedy. It’s sad, and they wonder why so many people in our own country are homeless, poor, and starving. Bring back budget paying – is that too much to ask?” says Kira Burchard, Belleview resident.