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Monday, November 28, 2022

Reddick resident voices concerns on high property insurance costs

To the Editor:

Property insurance used to be affordable in Florida. Nowadays, Floridians pay three times the national average for property insurance. Republicans have had control of Florida for over 20 years, yet little has been done to slow the insurance rate swell.

A portion of recent increases could be attributed to roofing ploys where some property owners allow a roofing company to sue the insurance company for an entire new roof instead of just a repair. Lawyers then add their own fees, causing existing insurance holders to get ever higher insurance costs.

Many insurance companies are now demanding homeowners to replace perfectly good roofs just to get coverage.

Republican Florida State Senator Keith Perry also has his own Perry Roofing Company, which might cause some constituents to wonder if they are being fully represented on homeowner property insurance legislation.

Florida has always had hurricanes, so Ian can’t be blamed for the increase. Other states have hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, hailstorms, blizzards, mudslides, etc. Yet we, in Florida, pay three times as much for coverage. When will it end?

Pat Hawk
Reddick resident