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Friday, November 4, 2022

Two Marion County residents weigh in on rising utility costs

In response to several recent letters that voiced concerns on rising utility costs in Ocala/Marion County, two residents wrote in to share their thoughts on this topic.

“I am also outraged at the increase in my electric bills. I lived in Fort Lauderdale with Florida Power & Light as our provider. We had budget billing and it was so worth it. The lower bills made up for the higher ones and did not take big bites out of our monthly bills. Why can’t we have budget billing for Ocala Electric Utility, especially when they added an increase beginning in the summer months when the electric bills are the highest,” says Ocala resident Carolyn Zarkosky.

“The cost of utilities are rising everywhere thanks to the poor decisions made in Washington, D.C. The cost of everything is rising, but so far we have access to the things we need. While I understand that it is hard on a fixed income, the blame rests on the ruling party,” says Jackie White, Reddick resident.