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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Resident says SW 38th Court, SW 40th Street intersection is a ‘disaster area’

To the Editor:

Has anyone taken a look at SW 38th Court where it meets up with SW 40th Street in Ocala? That is a total disaster area and a major accident waiting to happen. That area is too narrow and not meant to be a place where two streets merge with no access road in case of an emergency.

Drivers trying to enter Sam’s Club block the road to the south towards State Road 200, those trying to turn left from SW 38th Court are unable to do so safely, and traffic coming from SW 40th Street that is merging onto SW 38th Court ends up facing a wall of stalled cars that can’t get onto State Road 200 because of the light.

Is it going to take a major accident for someone to say that maybe this road is too narrow and needs rethinking?

Theresa Grimes
Belleview resident