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Friday, January 27, 2023

Ocala resident talks about city’s growth, congestion on State Road 200

To the Editor:

Ocala’s growth is something to be applauded when interest rates go up. Ocala has put many people to work and has kept the economy strong in the town.

The only problem with the fast growth of homes and warehouses is that there are not enough roads to relieve the congestion on State Road 200. Expansion of existing roads is not keeping up with demand.

I, for one, have seen far more congestion in my lifetime in Long Island, New York, where 7 million people live and traffic is 24/7. In Ocala, the congestion is nothing at all. I trust that if we can all be patient, more roads and the expansion of roads will come in due time.

I love living here. I’m proud to be from Ocala and to call this my home.

John Mckeon
Ocala resident