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Friday, January 27, 2023

Resident shares thoughts on ‘uncontrolled growth’ in Ocala/Marion County

To the Editor:

I have followed the letters about uncontrolled growth. Well, after 32 years of living in Marion County, I can say that the pro-growth people are going to continue to develop.

I previously lived in Broward County for 20 years. In 1970, it was beautiful and laid back, and it was a pleasure to live there. Well, along came pro-growth programs and the money that would be generated. I could not wait to get out and moved up to Marion in 1990.

The same scenario is going on now in 2022. The Carolinas are now taking in people from Marion County who are fed up with uncontrolled growth. Guess what: the Carolinas do not want you. Why? Their way of living is being destroyed.

A moratorium on building is only as good as your local leaders. Voting for non-development candidates will stop the ruinous agenda.

Ronald Taylor
Ocklawaha resident