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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Resident voices concerns on ‘excess of construction’ in Ocala/Marion County

To the Editor:

In the past two years, there has been an excess of house building in Section 6 of Marion Oaks. Forests are disappearing and we barely see birds and butterflies due to the destruction of nature.

The Boulevard is a disaster, full of trash and dead grass in many areas due to construction. It seems that the ones signing the permits do not care how bad this area is becoming. Trucks park on the median, killing the grass, setting soil, and sand. The least they should do is clean up their mess and plant grass to correct the damage. The same officer that signs those permits must have specification, and charge the builders if the damages are not corrected.

Early in the morning, traffic is extremely dangerous and congested. In the afternoons, there are cars with their speakers at full volume. There are cars speeding, especially early in the morning in the one lane section. One morning, I was driving at 45 mph and a car was pushing me. I did not increase my speed, so he just went over the grass and passed me.

Once a month, the Boulevard is cleaned. Then, in the afternoon on the same day, trash is found in different parts. It is like these people are doing it on purpose. There is a ‘No Litter’ sign that came off during the hurricane, and it is still on the ground.

Somebody needs to do something to correct all the above situations or Ocala, a once  peaceful and beautiful city, will become a ghetto.

Matilde Leopold
Ocala resident