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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Dunnellon resident unhappy with internet service

To the Editor:

Here’s my concern about the fiber-optic internet. I live in Rolling Hills, and when we first moved here, we had DirecTV and AT&T internet. We switched to Dish, but decided to switch back to DirecTV for various reasons. When we switched back, they no longer provided AT&T internet in our area, but instead provided Viasat.

We weren’t happy, and still aren’t happy, with Viasat. The signal is horrible, it’s expensive, and customer service is even worse. But my father lived six miles away, on the other side of Rolling Hills, and he got Spectrum, AT&T, or pretty much whatever service he wanted.

I called AT&T and asked them why they no longer provided their services to our area. They stated that there were not enough people living in the area and they would lose money laying fiber-optic lines, and they had no plans in the future to do so. That was before the building boom took off and they built too many new homes in our neighborhood. I called AT&T again to inquire about it and again was told there were not enough people to lay the lines, only this time they weren’t ever going to do it.

We paid $135 a month for Viasat at first and they’ve continued to raise the price, ending at $175 per month for awful and unreliable service. Yet, there are people across the road that get various services, including AT&T.

I’m confused about this and am tired of calling and getting the same answer and no solid number of people that AT&T needs on my side of the road in order to provide service. I guess they need to recalculate their count and realize that the other side of the road has just as many people, if not more.

Di’Anna Bennis
Dunnellon resident

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