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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Ocala teenager asks for climate action

To the Editor:

As a teenager in Ocala, I’m shocked that we’re now able to see the direct effects of our carelessness in real time. Natural disasters are hitting us one after another. Our temperatures are hitting record highs and record lows.

According to research, almost half of our planet’s vital signs are code red. Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole are now under our belts after a span of two months. No matter how severe, these are all warnings that we are receiving from our panicking earth.

No, climate change deniers, these disasters aren’t “natural” and “part of life.” Warmer waters from climate change are proven to cause hurricanes to undergo a so-called “rapid intensification” of wind speed and severity. This directly means that climate change helped create the catastrophic losses our recent storms have caused.

The U.S. and Europe are responsible for almost 80% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, despite being a tiny fraction of the global population. How much selfishness can we exemplify before there is no return for our mistakes? How come a 17-year-old has to be the one speaking up for action and not our representatives in power or the rest of the adult population?

With Election Day behind us and DeSantis reelected, the possibilities for climate action are slim to none. Get educated about the world around you and be mindful of who you vote for. With our newly elected congressmen, I beg that worried citizens call them and let them know you want climate action.

We, the environmentally aware residents of Ocala, can make a bigger difference than you could have ever imagined.

Esperance Han
Ocala resident