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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Several residents say Ocala needs more entertainment options

In response to a recent letter from an Ocala resident who voiced support for an ice rink, several residents wrote in to share their thoughts on Ocala’s entertainment needs.

“I think having an ice skating rink for Ocala is the best idea. I moved here in 1970, so I grew up here. Having an ice rink would give our children and grandchildren an opportunity that some of them would not have otherwise. It might also provide an outing for children who may not get out. Let’s make this happen for the future of Ocala,” says Ocala resident Cindy Critchfield.

“I just moved to Ocala less than a year ago, and we need more entertainment places. The city has the empty land to create areas that families can enjoy together. That way we don’t have to drive far to other cities to find other types of fun places,” says Sandra Rodriguez, Ocala resident.

“I was born and raised in Ocala. I really miss Six Gun Territory and Silver Springs the way it used to be – where you could take your children Easter Egg hunting for free, hide the eggs, and then your kids could find them. It was like a giant park. The grounds were wide open to the public for free. You could walk through the shops, the antique car museum, and swim for a fee. Ride the glass bottom boats to see all the gorgeous fish. Whomever purchased the Springs tried to turn it into too much of a commercial property instead of the beauty of our county. Let’s bring back the pride of the town, county, and state. I know there isn’t much for kids to do in town, so an ice skating rink would be a great addition, as well as a skate park and a place for kids to dance and socialize, all in the same place. That way it could be monitored so illegal activities could be controlled. Adults need places to enjoy dancing and socializing, like a dinner club for a ritzy night out. Please respond, citizens of Ocala, with any other ideas,” says Ocala resident Patricia Herrmann.