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Friday, January 27, 2023

Marion County resident says ‘climate change hype is pushed by money and power’

In response to a recent letter from a Marion County teenager asking for climate action, a Reddick resident wrote in to discuss the topic.

“I don’t deny that the climate is changing, as it has done so for millions of years and will continue to do so. This climate change hype is pushed by money and power, not true climate scientists.

There is an excellent geological time scale on the Digital Atlas of Ancient Life’s website. There is another chart I wish I could print, but I’ll quote/paraphrase it: “It’s popular among some, and the media, to blame humanity for the warming of the earth, but if you remove the human factor today, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels will still fluctuate, as will temperatures. This is due to the earth’s wobbly orbit, forest fires caused by lightning, volcanoes, permafrost warming, etc.”

If you could stop CO2, all plants would die.”

Jackie White
Reddick resident