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Friday, January 27, 2023

Ocklawaha resident says city needs better roads, internet service as community expands

To the Editor:

Ocklawaha is a good place to live in, but as the community expands, there needs to be better ways to commute to places. There is only one route that has to be taken to leave the area and it’s by driving around Lake Weir.

It takes about ten minutes just to go around the lake before you get to the main roads. If only there was a new road being built to exit at different areas instead of one. If ever there was an emergency evacuation going on, it would cause a cluster.

Different exits would be better because maybe more people would be inclined to move in the area if the inconvenience was lessened. Also, towers. We don’t have land internet, but instead have satellite internet, and it is terrible. If you want people to be inclined to move into the newly constructed homes, you need a good internet connection.

I know that it’ll eventually happen, but Ocklawaha needs improvement in the growing community. Maybe add some public parks and definitely fix the roads. We would be even closer to The Villages, and it could take 20-plus minutes to get there instead of 30-plus minutes.

Just a thought for a more successful Ocklawaha.

Carmen Havel
Ocklawaha resident