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Friday, January 27, 2023

Resident from Citrus County says area needs affordable homes, not ice rink

In response to a letter from an Ocala/Marion County resident who voiced support for building an ice rink instead of another gas station or apartment complex, a resident from Citrus County wrote in to share her thoughts on the topic.

“Florida is third in the nation for homelessness. We need affordable homes for the thousands who work and can’t afford rent, let alone food. An ice rink in Ocala/Marion County? Have we all lost our minds?

This is not Qatar. This is a state that is letting Nestle pump thousands of gallons of water from our aquifers for plastic bottles while our water bills go up. Wait until that aquifer water is replaced by the salt water Florida is surrounded by.

DeSantis will have moved to the White House to continue trashing everything in his path, as all republicans love to do, and our water will be non-potable and home values will be gone. Get your head out, people.”

Mary Schott
Inverness resident