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Friday, January 27, 2023

Resident shares thoughts on growth, traffic issues in SW Ocala

To the Editor:

Along with this growth comes a lot of baggage. More cars, traffic congestion, more noise, disregard for speed limits, more reckless driving, less courtesy, and more pollution.

There are no sidewalks on SW 103rd Street Road, from SW College Road to SW 49th Avenue, on both sides of the street. Also, no golf cart paths that would really help retirees to get around – by not using their cars to access local businesses, it would very much help in the reduction of traffic problems. Not that there isn’t any room to put a sidewalk and golf cart path – there is 28 feet of easement that can be utilized.

In addition, there are no golf cart paths or sidewalks on SW 62nd Avenue, south of SW 95th Street. If you travel north on SW 49th Avenue, from SW 95th Street, you have both a sidewalk and a golf cart path. Very convenient.

There are retirement communities on SW 103rd Street Road that would greatly benefit from these ideas:

  • Reduce the speed limit to 30 mph from SW College Road to SW 49th Avenue. There are a lot of children moving into the area as well, and this would greatly reduce accidents involving children.
  • Put in a sidewalk and golf cart path. It’s cheaper and safer for everybody.
  • Traffic lights at the intersections of SW 80th and SW 103rd Street Road, and at SW 103rd Street Road and SW 62nd Avenue, which is where I got hit on my motorcycle two years ago. The lady driving paid no attention at all.
  • Finally, reduce truck traffic to local deliveries only. If drivers want to speed, drag-race, be reckless, and air out their exhaust pipes, they can do it on SW 95th Street – there is still plenty of room there.

Rico Loubriel
Ocala resident