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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Two Marion County residents share their thoughts on Christmas traditions

In response to a recent letter from an Ocala resident who no longer wants to go “all out” for Christmas, two residents from Marion County wrote in to share their thoughts on this topic.

“We don’t need presents and trees to celebrate Christmas. That has been something that has been passed down through the centuries by society. The real Christmas is in your heart and faith. We stopped celebrating Christmas years ago. Instead, we get together earlier in the year, have a good meal, and give presents only to the children because they expect it. Keep faith in your heart and ditch the rest,” says Belleview resident Theresa Grimes.

“If people knew the truth about the origin of Christmas traditions, they also might decide to decline to participate, as my husband and I did the day we learned the truth 40 years ago. And it did, as Jesus promised, “set us free.” We learned about Saturnalia, the festival that celebrated the false god Saturn, held in late December with decorated trees, gifts, banquets, etc. That was going on before Jesus was even born. Jesus taught his followers to obey the 10 Commandments, one which forbids worshiping false gods. As Saturnalia business slowly died over the next 300 years (as a result of Jesus’ teachings being spread), the merchants complained to the early church that they weren’t making money off the trees, decorations, etc., and asked the church for a way to revive the holiday. They came up with the idea of saying it’s Jesus’ birthday, with Saturnalia a forgotten holy day. Christmas involves lying to children about a false god with practices designed to promote greed and consumerism (to get people’s hard earned money into businesses tills), coveting, and blindly following man’s traditions. Jesus asked his followers to remember his death, his greatest sacrifice, not his birth or resurrection, as those two divine acts were his Father’s. He chose to die for us. If you still want to honor his birth, maybe bake him a cake and give it to the homeless shelter. I’m thankful to know the truth,” says Joy Rumans, Ocala resident.