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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Resident says insurance needs to be ‘federally revamped’

To the Editor:

All insurance needs to be federally revamped. Between the attorneys and their expenses, the suing and the frivolous lawsuits, homeowners, car insurance, and health insurance, we’re all being screwed over by the insurance companies. There will be nothing left for us to retire on.

We need a Senate and a Congress that are really going to take care of the people, and if the jokers in there can’t do it, then we, the people, need to replace them all. Somebody needs to watch our back – we must stand together on this.

After lawyers were allowed to advertise for different things, all insurance did was become a big extortion for the regular man. We need blue collar workers in the United States and we need workers. And they need to be insured.

What are we going to do? Veterans are in peril of losing recently purchased homes due to outrageous insurance increases.

Kathleen Scarpati
Ocala resident