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Monday, January 16, 2023

Resident voices concerns on ‘aging governmental powers that be’

To the Editor:

Don’t be deceived by the difficult challenges that ‘we the people’ are experiencing daily. Aging governmental ‘powers that be’ describe our improving national economy in glowing terms while boasting of stellar performance and having been able to remain in office till death or retirement (as multimillionaires thanks to personally enriching foreign/domestic conspirators and being privy to inside economic information).

“Just keep the faith,” they say. “Swallow our rhetoric and trust that we’ve got this. Ignore all inconveniently timed facts confirming our inability to govern as well as the betrayal of your trust. Refrain from demanding term limits, and overlook past missteps, deceptions, challenged crimes, and misdemeanors. Just relax, put your feet up, comfortable in that what goes around comes around.

“Continue to hope that American allies and enemies alike are unaware that the crazies – each jockeying for politically powerful positions – are running our American asylum. Remember, we will decide what is acceptable for you to say, do, and believe; how to rear your children; how to manage your own income; how to retain incidental personal wealth along with possessions, future debt, and liability; and who your neighbors will be.

“By the way, ditto for your children and your children’s children. As long as you passively hang in there, allowing us to ignore rare twinges of guilt, we can just keep on keeping on despite the unfortunate jeopardy to our nation.”

God, please save America.

Sandra Keif
Ocala resident