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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Ocala woman charged with pawning stolen jewelry, laptop computer

A 24-year-old Ocala woman was arrested after she was accused of pawning a stolen laptop computer and jewelry.

On Monday, January 2, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to the 3800 block of NE 28th Terrace in Ocala in reference to the theft of an HP laptop computer ($300 value), according to the MCSO report.

Upon arrival, the female victim advised that she had allowed her friend, Alyssa Flatt, to stay at her residence over the last week of December.

Alyssa Flatt
Alyssa Flatt

The victim told the deputy that she noticed that her laptop computer was missing from her bedroom on Saturday, December 31. The victim stated that she confronted Flatt at the residence, and Flatt denied knowing anything about the computer.

The MCSO report stated that the deputy made contact with Flatt over the phone to discuss the theft of the laptop, and Flatt denied taking the computer.

On Wednesday, January 11, the victim contacted the deputy to advise that a thorough search of her residence revealed that two additional items were missing: a matching gold necklace and bracelet set ($300 value/each).

According to MCSO, a corporal took over the theft investigation. On Friday, January 13, the corporal spoke with the victim over the phone, and the victim voiced her suspicions that Flatt was responsible for the thefts.

The victim sent the corporal a photo of the necklace, along with several pictures and videos of the laptop computer. One of the videos also showed the login screen for the laptop computer, which contained the victim’s email address.

The corporal conducted a computer search of Flatt and discovered that she had pawned a gold necklace at the Silver Springs Pawn and Gun Shop (5300 E Silver Springs Boulevard) on Tuesday, January 3. The MCSO report stated that she received $80 for the necklace.

The corporal responded to the pawn shop and confirmed that the pawned necklace matched the victim’s necklace. The original pawn slip also showed that Flatt had completed the transaction, according to the MCSO report.

The computer check of Flatt also revealed that she had pawned a matching gold bracelet at Value Pawn (315 S Pine Avenue) on Wednesday, January 4. The MCSO report stated that she received $90 for the bracelet.

The corporal responded to the second pawn shop and confirmed that the bracelet matched the one that was stolen from the victim. In addition, the corporal learned that Flatt had also pawned an HP laptop computer on Friday, December 30, but she later picked it up on Monday January 2.

On Tuesday, January 17, the corporal made contact with Flatt. After being read her Miranda rights, she claimed that she never had the victim’s bracelet or necklace in her possession. When asked if she owned any jewelry that was similar to the victim’s, Flatt advised that she did not own any jewelry.

The corporal then asked Flatt about the bracelet and necklace that she had pawned. According to the MCSO report, Flatt claimed that she had jewelry that “looked exactly like the victim’s jewelry.” She also stated that she had purchased the pawned jewelry when she was with the victim at the Paddock Mall in 2021.

When asked about the victim’s laptop computer, she denied any knowledge of the computer or its current location. The corporal noted in the MCSO report that Flatt stated several times that she did not have, pawn, or sell the victim’s computer.

The corporal returned to Value Pawn. According to the MCSO report, the store’s video surveillance footage showed Flatt picking up the victim’s computer from the pawn shop on January 2.

The pawn shop informed the corporal that Flatt had returned to the store and re-pawned the same computer on Sunday, January 15, and she had provided her driver’s license to the clerk during the transaction. The corporal was shown the computer, and the corporal noted in the MCSO report that the victim’s email address was on the login screen.

The corporal located Flatt in the driveway of the victim’s residence. Flatt was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where she is currently being held on $18,000 bond. She is facing felony charges for grand theft – over $300 but less than $5,000 (one count), dealing in stolen property (four counts), and providing false ownership information to a pawnbroker (four counts).

A court date has been scheduled at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, February 21, according to jail records.