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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Belleview resident discusses road construction on U.S. Highway 441

To the Editor:

First of all, why are they fixing the lanes on U.S. Highway 441, yet again? Seems like a waste of money as there were no potholes or anything apparently wrong with them since the last time they “fixed” the lanes a few years ago.

They are not widening the road, which they should be doing with all the increased traffic and people who continue to refuse to move over from the left lane to let someone pass. I’ve had people actually “brake check” instead of moving over when they could just as easily have moved.

If the lanes have to be “fixed,” why not at night? I remember boasting around 10 years ago  that Belleview did it right by doing road construction at night when there was less traffic.

There’s nothing wrong with growth if it’s done right, but this has gotten ridiculous. Plan the growth, including the streets, lights, etc., before you keep building and recruiting more people to come here.

Lia Binetti
Belleview resident