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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Resident says Ocala/Marion County needs more grocery stores, not convenience stores

To the Editor:

Marion Oaks is one of the largest communities in southwest Marion County. Unfortunately, we are forced to use one Winn-Dixie, which is very small. Most of the items are out of stock a majority of the time. We are forced to drive to the new Publix because there are no other grocery stores available to us.

Publix has a monopoly and we need other stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, along with more Aldi and Winn-Dixie locations. Ocala is one of the largest growing cities in the United States, yet we lack everything with the exception of housing. We have a lack of schools, restaurants, and shopping, but yet there are more gas stations and convenience stores than we need.

The distance we have to travel to shop for groceries is getting out of hand. Thank you for your time and I hope in the near future we will see more grocery stores being erected instead of convenience stores.

Elizabeth Beaver
Marion Oaks resident